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In daily life , many people in order to enjoy delicacies, at Deal or No Deal ; owners in order to retain health , spent a large sum of money to buy health care products ; everyone knows, many people often forget that many of the traditional food around , not only high nutritional value, but also do not have to invest heavily purchased within reach , so missed God has given mankind's most pristine , most natural and most precious "gift ."
Batu Pahat from the Tnioh Bing Liang , feeling ignored in modern life many natural foods around blindly ingest harmful chemicals nutritional supplements , so determined, developed a biotechnology natural drink , and actively promote natural eating patterns , and all this , start from natto .
Tnioh Bing Liang accept the " Nanyang Siang Pau " interview, pointed out that in the era of material scarcity , rely on farming ancestors wisdom use of limited resources, the soya beans or black beans soak thoroughly steamed or cooked , fermented , made ​​of food and medicine the unique combined health food - lobster , it is not just as a seasoning food , but also with appetizers by food, digestion of stagnation , expelling wind and cold , cure acclimatized and other effects , with Japan having thrombolytic , lowering blood pressure , diabetes , etc. functional Natto , has the same purpose .
Tnioh Bing Liang was established in 2006 excellent associate company engaged in the health food industry , that western medicine and nutritional supplements sale . At that time , he found that many people lack proper eating habits , such as improper food handling that undermines its effectiveness , so that contain nutrients lost in vain .
He said that until 2009 , by chance , he met Taiwan, a specially developed drugs and nutrition, and a professor of industrial bias natural enzymes , followed by that idea, decided to introduce Taiwan's technology , and then with local technology technology combine develop into a business, own a natto drinks , the main natural, organic , flavor , soluble instant ready to drink , for the city to provide convenient and simple health products.
" Natto in Japan, is a well-known health food , used to treat wind cold , sober , but also for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases , in the past in the fridge , and now, we have a breakthrough in the study , the introduction of advanced biotechnology extraction of raw materials, the local formulation , design, production and packaging sales, so the conventional wisdom food further distillation . "
Batu Pahat have four industries, namely electronics, furniture, food and textile industries , as well as two emerging industrial Arowana and bird nest industry known for Tnioh Bing Liang hope this one biotechnology , the future can develop into another new rise of emerging industries.
He said , looking around locally , has a very rich natural resources , but many companies due to hold more conservative ideas, or lack of confidence, rather for foreign OEM top quality products , but did not to be self-development , and create their own brand , resulting in constantly running in place , get out a broad road .

To this end, Tnioh Bing Liang decided to run out of the traditional framework , to emulate the Japanese advocated exquisite cultural routes , to absorb the essence of the technology of others , then the bad culture removed from the corporate philosophy , the excellence , the pioneering their own way , the traditional further developing the essence of food .
Currently, Tnioh introduced a new generation of products, including a bitter drink , green tea, soy peptides, enzymes pineapple and papaya enzymes, in addition to local sales , but also exported to Singapore, the United States, Thailand and other places.
He pointed out that the company has with the local Agricultural University and Institute of Agricultural Development in collaboration enhancement and commercialization local biotechnology products, such as the Malay traditional food beans unleavened bread " Tempeh " (tempeh) made ​​health drinks, hope the traditional food features on its head.
In the era of emphasis on wisdom and skill , everything emphasized simple, effective and convenient, Tnioh Bing Liang also actively towards intelligent road ahead , and its research and development of new natural life drink , they have a simple, effective and healthy these three elements .
He said that since the beginning of 2010 , the company began a "101 healthy living , living healthy " brand series, and each product developed by the company , is to challenge the status quo , change the status quo , because the belief that " extraordinary power ."
He added , for example, natto , bitter gourd, green tea, pineapple and other traditional foods, in fact, is rich in nutrients , but many times due to the production methods and product use errors that cause these products lost their original functions, very unfortunate.
In view of this , he said, is different from the food and beverage and drug , 101 brands of beverage raw materials are mostly extracted , emphasis on pure , without the use of hot water , just add cold water , warm water or ice water , stirring can drinking, is designed to provide convenient , consistent pace of modern life diet .
A successful business , not just and benefits linked to how to implement the corporate culture for the benefit of the community work together to grow together , is its true value.
Tnioh Bing Liang said the company uphold its three main requirements that product features , quality and heritage, hope in the most simple and effective way to convey the importance of health regimen for the modern life has brought new inspiration .
He said the company's brand products are through ISO 22000 standards and food safety management system certification (HACCP), and the company 's outlook was launched two new products every year , and through seminars will , fairs , tourist spots , organic shop other pipeline touch with the people , promoting a healthy concept is more important than wealth .
He pointed out that , at present, in addition to the brand rooted in Malaysia , but also look overseas , I hope in the biotechnology field which is not the same out of the way , to develop a broader blue sky.