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Who are we?


Our company was founded in 2006, and we serve as a trading company.
We widely import Taiwan organic health products to fulfill the the demands of the society towards healthy food and drink. The main features of the our company's products - natural, organic, the original flavor instant instant ready to drink, and simple to use, which is suitable for fast-paced city population.
We aim to promote natural eating habits and excerse by setting healthier, fitness and young concept.
The revelation of modern life:
1. A proper diet (eg, unsaturated fats, legumes, fiber) and the amount of the diet (calories) to maintain health and prevent obesity.
2. Avoid foods harmful chemicals and hormones, especially dairy products, and meat products.
3. Diet (including supplements) to be able to supply the required daily vitamins minerals and essential amino acids (protein), to avoid nutritional imbalances.
4. Last but not least, daily physical activity also the same as and natural exercise.
Since 2010, our company began 101 healthy living healthy living brand products. Every product made ​​by our company, is to change the status quo in order to challenge the status quo, because we believe in the power of "Think Different '.
We challenge the status quo,  to make our products with the most beautiful design, easy to use, and effective. Since we have developed the best life-drink beverages, would you to have one?